The birth of a child marks a defining moment in your life.

From this day forward, everything changes.

You have a new reason for living.

You have a new reason to love.

And just weeks from now, your little one

will no longer fit so tiny in your arms.

They are only this little for just a moment in time.

These are your moments....

with a newborn portrait session, you can hold on to them forever.


Newborns are truly Beths favorite subject to photograph! With over 10 years experience photographing newborns, her passion for capturing the newness of life shows in the way she comforts, soothes, and carefully poses them for the images she creates. Beth likes to capture the babies in a very clean, simple and classic style. 

Newborns are photographed in Beths home studio that is specially designed for newborn and baby photography. She has studio lighting, controlled temperature and has a wide variety of props and accessories for every baby.

Scheduling Newborns

Please call the studio as soon as you know you want a newborn portrait. Beth only books 8 newborns a month and sometimes gets booked a few months ahead. The newborn is best photographed at 5 to 10 days old. We pencil in a session date 7 days after your due date with the reservation that the little one may be early or late. We can always adjust the session date if need be! 

Preparing for session

Please come with the baby, ;O), plenty of formula or breast milk, pacifiers, change of clothes and expect to be here for a few hours for a full newborn session. I do not want you to do anything different before you come. If the baby needs to feed during your visit here that is fine. Actually, the babies usually eat 2 to 3 times more than normal during a full session, so bring plenty of milk for them. Feeding them soothes them and also gets them into a deep sleep. I always say the baby is boss and will always work around what the baby needs at the moment.


We are pleased to announce the NEW Newborn Digital Sessions! we are now offering 2 different sessions , one for every budget and need.


DIGITAL Mini newborn sessions - $550

up to 1 hour session. comes with 10 professionally edited images and digital download link. up to 2 set ups including my supply of neutral blankets, furs, outfits, headbands and hats. I will focus only on your precious newborn during this session. May be awake or asleep during this portrait.


DIGITAL Full newborn sessions - $900

approximately 2 - 3 hour session. comes with a gallery of 35 professionally edited images and a digital download link


up to 4 set ups including my supply of neutral blankets, furs, outifts, headbands and hats. Siblings and Parents are welcomed to join in during the session.